Business processes

You are worried that the developed strategies have not been implemented, and the necessary changes will be stopped by the team. Our experts will help to implement quality changes, and your team together with SalesTech will be able to learn new management skills and achieve business goals and scale




 Areas of expertise:

– Definition of roles in the company and their description

– Implementation of a balanced scorecard

– Implementation of OKR / KPI,the system of operational and strategic management 

– Mentoring and coaching




    Systematization of business

No system sales? Everyone does everything and you do not understand how to prioritize? Plans for the year are not fulfilled by 70 percent or more? You do not understand how to motivate the team for tem members to offer solutions initiatively? Our team will help you to overcome these bottle necks and implement a management system that is clear to the whole team


Areas of expertise:

– Audit of the company, identification of bottlenecks, growth zones

– Defining business goals, OKR / KPI and developing a balanced scorecard

– Creating a business model, values, positioning, frames






    Creative and digital marketing

The budget allocated for the promotion of the product on the market, quickly and without significant results flies into the pipe and wastes. Marketers and contractors operate in obscure terms. You do not see a single ad communication control center. The vision of the picture as a whole is blurred and not clear. You do not know the price of ice and how much one client costs you. Our Creative Team takes on this burden.


Areas of expertise:

– Audit of an advertising campaign, analysis of gaps and determination of growth zones

  in marketing strategy

– Integrated turnkey marketing

– Coverage of all channels

– Digitalization of your business


Strategy and business processes

You are constantly fighting fires and working in go-go mode, and there is no time left for the strategic development of the company. You do not understand how to get out of operational management and start growing.Our expertise will help to build system management and achieve the set goals.




Areas of expertise:

– Building links between business processes and business strategy

– Development and implementation of a tactical plan

– Development of a measurement and control system

– Building and implementing business processes

– Cascading goals to the level of performers

Outsource of management team

No resources to attract Senior experts for business development? Need help to create a strategy and implement changes? Need a nishe expertise in management functions (COO, CMO, CBDO, HRD, etc.) ? Our team will help you solve acute management issues.


Areas of expertise:

– Business strategy and business modulation

– Marketing strategy

– Digital strategy and implementation

– Sales department management

– Operational Business Managemen

– HR function management

Acceleration of startups, businesses

We help startups and businesses achieve their goals and rise to a new level. Our team of business acceleration experts will work with you to develop innovative solutions to manage growth, drive sales, launch new projects and ensure the overall long-term success of your business, and prepare you for investing and supporting investment transactions.

Areas of expertise:

 – Help startups launch pilot projects with corporate / ecosystem partners;

 – Help to accelerate the systematization and construction of systemic and steadily growing business for young companies and those experiencing business transformation;

 – Launch of pilot projects and new business;

 – Building a systemic and steadily growing business;

 – Providing startups / businesses with knowledge and experience in the validation and transformation of business models, marketing and PR, sales and customer development, financial planning and investor relations;

 – Assistance to startups / businesses provided to investors for fundraising and promotion of investment agreements

change management: scaling up strategic and operational activities, managing all key areas of growth;

 – Strategic thinking: development of innovative solutions in all areas of business;

 – Solution design: identifying and implementing solutions to any type of problem your business faces

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