Hardware IT startup that invented and created a handheld device – a stylus that allows you to turn any surface into an interactive one.  Released in the top 6 hard of true startups 2019 from UVCA, winner of the Grand Prix at the Innovation Festival 2019, participants of the largest technological event CES 2020 in Las Vegas, members of the Ukrainian delegation in Silicon Valley – Startup Grind Global 2020

Cooperation period: 4 months


The main task: to open a new market (USA, Japan, EU) and to establish marketing and operational sales processes, to develop a sales strategy in domestic and foreign markets.


Main achievements:

A strategic session was held, the developed strategy and sales processes were implemented, budgeting was carried out and the resources necessary for implementation were determined, a sales funnel was developed, a sales team was hired, and onboarding was conducted.


Business processes: audit of existing processes, operational sales processes implemented, control and reporting system implemented.


As a result: operational efficiency was increased 3 times,

implemented sales strategy in foreign markets.




The IT company, SAAS B2B, tried to enter international markets for 6 months, after the demo the funnel broke, potential customers did not get in touch and the company could not close deals in foreign markets.


Cooperation period: 4 months


The main task: to analyze the market, TA, sales, to form a sales strategy, to build a sales system.


Result:  analysis of the market and competitors, repositioning of the company in the market, efficient selling sales scripts, preparation of the package: presentations, letters, follow-up business cases.

Building of the sales department, structure, business processes, documentation, necessary roles, automation, search and involvement of employees of the department, onboarding, training, motivation and building a management system by goals.



EdTech – Online-School



Cooperation period: 7 months

The main task:

Stage 1: transforming the current business into online one, launch of  online school with the construction of lead generation and sales, attracting 100 students by September 1.

Stage 2: Conduct a strategic session and work shop with mission development, company vision, business goals and cascading functions, core products to build and market, values for CA, implementation of management by goals, business KPIs and motivation.

Stage 3: Implementation of a new management system in the company, conducting and facilitating meetings, meeting results, prompt goal setting and monitoring, training and coaching managers to achieve company goals.


Stage 1: the transformation of business into online, opened an online school with a built system of lead generation through PPC, SMM, SEO, SERM, ABT and sales, involved 761 SQL leads and 133 students by September 1. 

Stage 2: conducted a strategic session and a workshop with the development of the mission, vision, values of the company, defining business goals and cascading them into functions, main products, their detailed description for building and marketing, values for CA, implementation of goal management, KPIs  business and team motivation.

Stage 3: Implementation of a new management system in the company, holding and facilitating meetings, meeting results, prompt goal setting and monitoring, training and coaching managers to achieve company goals.  Training of the sales manager “How to organize the sales department”.  Joint task setting and control 2 times a week, conducting

regular meetings with function managers, planning control, delegation and control.




Cooperation period: 1 year



The main task:

Stage 1: Conduct an audit of the company’s readiness to raise investments, prepare pitch decks and other documentation to raise investments, determine the profile of potential investors and conduct communication on creating investment relations and  investment raise.

Stage 2: Conduct an audit of lead generation and sales, develop a marketing strategy, build a marketing lead generation system with PPC, SMM, SEO, SERM, ABT.


Stage 1: PitchDecks are prepared, investors are closed for negotiations (funds, angels), initial meeting, meetings with analysts, 15 meetings of founding investors are organized (USA, Europe)

Stage 2: Audit of marketing and sales, fixed bottlenecks in the current marketing strategy, customer relations policy.

Developed marketing strategy.

Implemented developed marketing strategy

Implemented customer relations policy

As a result, customer acquisition costs decreased to 20%, the growth rate of leads increased to 15% per month, the NPS rating increased from 5 to 8, and repeat purchases increased to 14%.


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