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SalesTECH is an educational - advisory company in the field of strategic and operational management, marketing and sales consulting. SalesTech is aimed at helping increase the efficiency of your business, raise the effectiveness of management functions, build marketing and sales strategies, increase ROI and business capitalization.


Since 2017, we have been helping businesses achieve better results. We have extensive experience in various fields and a close-knit team, so we are ready to take on any challenge and develop an individual plan for the development of your business from A to Z and implement it. We will help you on your way: from mission, vision, business model, marketing strategies, creativity and plan to step-by-step implementation, with immersion in business, working with a team at all stages of project implementation, providing coaching and support after the project. SalesTech helps increase the efficiency of your business, management functions, increase return on investment and capitalize your business.

Key Team

Valeria Kuzmenko

Founder. 10 years of business management (IT, Telecom) 17 years of expertise in sales and marketing 9 years of experience in running your own business 4 years of consulting and mentoring of IT company owners A graduate of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (Strategy, Mastering Metrics, Digital Marketing), UK

Viola Missaudi

SMM Partner. More than 4 years of experience in digital. Specialist in brand promotion on social networks since 2018. Digital marketer. She has experience in creating and successfully promoting his own startups. Internet Marketing Coach. More than 50 created strategies and successfully conducted consultations for business owners.

Tatiana Terina

Operating Partner. 13 years of operational management of business functions (C-level) 8 years of sales management practice (b2b) (C-level) 15 years of experience in operations and sales 2 years of consulting SME owners


Alina Shcherbina

Project Leader, CodeClub COO, WTECH

“Business after quarantine will never be the same.
Now we are working on the aisle of opportunities or we can fly out of the market. But the main thing is to work TOGETHER! In this situation, I am glad that we have many projects in the company and have the opportunity to use each other’s experience and knowledge.
Last week we have been working hard to strengthen Code Club and EscapeLab’s online position. Asked about the strategic session of our Sales Ambassador Valerie Kuzmenko and her SalesTech team.
What I expected: the guys will connect to the call, listen to us and tell from experience how best.
What we got: the team over the weekend prepared an audit of our social networks, analyzed sales, discussed the work of the team and gave a whole presentation with recommendations on 1 call😍
In general, the team of Lera and Thani are engaged in the creation, configuration and improvement of operational, marketing and sales processes in IT companies.
In this way, I strongly recommend these super professionals to anyone who is currently planning or already engaged in updating or building a strategy! 💚 “

Anastasia Lyubyashteva

СMO CamTouch

“For almost three months, our startup was conjured by a team of great experts, as well as wonderful and sincere people. The team was so immersed in the processes and rebuilt the structure of the sales department and the company as a whole that I began to perceive them as part of our young and hot camtouch team.
During this time we have together:
– We conducted an audit and found strengths and weaknesses in our filing
– We held a number of strategic sessions, where we created a strategy and identified the vectors of startup development
– Finally, we have optimized a lot of business processes and sales processes, making it easier to breathe, to be honest 😌
Tatyana Terina, Valerie Kuzmenko, Ilya – this is a post about great love and gratitude to you! We appreciate strongly and do not let go ❤️
Now, with all the structure and clarity, we are ready to conquer the world. Ухх.🚀

Oleg Vasilevsky

Founder, Jamm School and Jamm Camp

“We get used to the fact that you can enter through a certain door and when it does not open it seems to us that there is no entrance.
Somewhere like that I felt 8 years ago when we started Jamm Camp and again in the summer when the door of Jamm Camp started to close. Thank God we were able to camp. Hundreds of children were able to immerse themselves in the incredible atmosphere of Gemm, but the future of the camps is uncertain. It was dumb to start a school because 3 years ago we closed a similar project. In a sense, starting from scratch is easier than starting at -10. It turns out that 2.0 is harder to start than 1.0. Failure is constantly breathing down your back.
During this time, I met fantastic specialists at SalesTech: Valerie Kuzmenko, Tatyana Terina, who made it impossible for parents to find out about our school! “

Vladimir Naidyuk

CBDO, Co-Founder EscapeLab

“Setting up sales in the company is one of the most difficult tasks. Assemble a team and think of KPIs, select and configure CRM, IP telephony, write and implement scripts, think of funnels, connect analytics and synchronize everything with other vital departments in the company – marketing But in times of crisis, that’s for sure, the first thing to look for and constantly improve, the sooner you do it, the better!
I myself have passed more than one sales training since my student days, I have worked a lot in this direction, but it is always interesting to listen to and learn from professionals in this field.
We had a request to pump the team and all the processes for selling EscapeLab courses online and we turned to the wonderful Valerie Kuzmenko and her SalesTech team. We received a detailed audit of our social networks, worked with objections and created a canvas for the sales script. The result was not long in coming and we are already seeing an increase in conversions and sales. Thank you!
In general, Valeria’s team is engaged in the creation, configuration and improvement of operational, marketing and sales processes in IT companies and I sincerely recommend contacting!
Sales to all! 💲

Gleb Rosenberg

CEO Jamm School and Jamm Camp

“We are glad to meet an incredible team, which is now going through an interesting journey with us 🙂
We are inspired by your approach, focus and efficiency. Real pros work here, who do not stop there.
Thank you for the excellent and quality communication and that the interaction is more than formal. We wish you to develop and help take off even more worthy projects !!!
We keep going 🙂 “

Andriy Konovalenko

Founder та CEO CamTouch

“If you are already thinking about the fact that your business needs a fresh look at the processes within the company, help with building a sales department and transformation – I recommend standing in line for SalesTech)))
Lucky to work with them this year, the “project” has been completed for half a year, but we are still talking. “

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