SalesTech gives new impetus to the development of companies experiencing a crisis of growth.


Systematization of business processes

Defining business goals, involving employees for the most effective achievement of goals.

Strengthening the TOP team

Accelerate growth, development of the management team at the lowest cost.

Strategy and business processes

The connection of strategy with the actions of the team on the whole structure of the company, transparent effective management, achievement of goals.

Systematization of business

Simplification of business management, transparency of management, digitalization and transparent interaction.

Creative and Digital

Complex of digitalization of business portfolio, optimization of channels of increase of target audience.

Acceleration of business

An integrated approach with deep immersion in the project to achieve faster and more stable results.

Familiar Situation?

If you are actually pulling the whole company on yourself

All business processes require only your attention

You are constantly engaged in "firefighting" in business

You do not understand how to reduce the operational load

Focus on technical refinement of the product

You mix functional roles in a team

No business goals are set and accordingly, there are no tactics

It does not have the resources to attract TOP experts

Why We?

Business directions

Successful experience working with SMEs and startups in the areas of: Hardware Start-ups, SaaS, Fintech, EdTech, Cyber security, E-commerce, MedTech and AgriTech.
Practical experience
Ten years of practical experience in sales, creating and implementing strategies, setting up and detailing operational processes.

Deep Expertise

We guarantee the quality of our work, because cooperation with SalesTech is always aimed at achieving goals.

Free Consultation

Consultation with an expert will give you the opportunity to get a professional analysis of your question.

Our Team



Oleg Vasilevsky
Oleg VasilevskyFounder Jamm School та Jamm Camp
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"Starting school was dumb, because 3 years ago we closed a similar project. In a sense, it's easier to start from scratch than at -10. It turns out that 2.0 is harder to start than 1.0. Failure is constantly breathing down your spine. During this time, I met fantastic specialists at SalesTech: Valerie Kuzmenko, Tatyana Terina, who made it impossible for parents to find out about our school! "
Andriy Konovalenko
Andriy KonovalenkoFounder та CEO Camtouch
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"If you are already thinking about the fact that your business needs a fresh look at the processes within the company, help with building a sales department and transformation - I recommend standing in line for SalesTech))) Lucky to work with them this year, the "project" has been completed for half a year, but we are still talking. "
Alina Shcherbina
Alina ShcherbinaProject Leader, CodeClub COO, WTECH
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"Last week we worked hard to strengthen the position of Code Club and EscapeLab online. I asked the SalesTech team for a strategic session. What we got: the team over the weekend prepared an audit of our social networks, analyzed sales, discussed the work of the team and gave a whole presentation with recommendations😍 In this way, I strongly recommend these super professionals to anyone who is currently planning or already engaged in updating or building a strategy! 💚 "

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